Banister W.Art & Science of Change Ringing, The (3rd Edition)1887
Banister W.Art & Science of Change Ringing, The (2nd Edition)1879
Davies Rev.C.D.P.Stedman (Two copies)1903
Eisel J.C.Snowdon’s Rope sight1999
Heywood A.P.Treatise on Duffield, A (The Duffield Method)1888
Hubbard H.Elements of Campanalogia (1st Edition, in original covers)1845
Hubbard H.Elements of Campanalogia (2nd Edition)1854
Hubbard H.Elements of Campanalogia (4th Edition)1876
JD & CMCampanalogia Improved (Mostly original) 3rd Edition1733
JD & CMCampanalogia Improved. (Original complete with covers). 1st Edition1702
JD & CMCampanaloaia Improved. 5th Edition, corrected by J.Monk.(Two copies)1766
JD & CMCampanalogia of 1733. Facsimile Publication, (intro. by W.T.Cook, 1983)1733
Jones etcClavis Campanalogia (Complete but in poor condition)1796
Jones etcClavis Campanalogia (Complete in original binding)1788
Jones etcClavis Campanalogia (Edn.of 1796 in facsimile) (Foreword by C.A.Wratten)1796
Jones etcClavis Campanalogia (Original complete with covers, but protected)1766
Jones etcClavis Campanalogia (Original text, in modern binding)1796
Lancashire AssnRules & Diagrams for Beginners (Gift of Alfred Barnes)1911
Morris E.History S Art of Change Ringing, The (3 copies)1931
Roe & BroomeBob Minor and Bob Major Simply Explained
Roe & BroomeGrandsire Doubles & Triples Simply Explained (Two copies)
Shipway W.Campanalogia (Original text and covers)1816
Shipway W.Campanalogia (Original text rebound in cloth covers in 1999)1816
Shipway W.Campanalogia ('The Shipway Reprint' issued by Bell News in 1866) (2 copies)1816
Snowdon J.W.Double Norwich Court Bob Major1884
Snowdon J.W.Grandsire (Reprint)1973
Snowdon J.W.Stedman1903
Snowdon J.W.Treatise on Treble Bob, A (Part 1)1902
Snowdon J.W.Treatise on Treble Bob, A (Part 2)1879
Snowdon J.W. & W.Standard Methods (4th Edition)1901
Snowdon J.W.& W.Standard Methods (3rd Edition)1892
Sottenstall W.Elements of Campanalogia1867
Stedman F.Tintinnalogia (Reprint issued by Bell News in 1895)1688
Thackrah B.Art of Change Ringing, The1852
Troyte C.A.W.Change Ringing (4th Edition) (Incomplete)1880
Troyte C.A.W.Change Ringing on Church or Handbells (4th Edition)1880
Wigram W.Change Ringing Disentangled1880

See also Items of Special Historical Interest for a fuller description of some of the above.

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